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"Vulnerability is not weakness. It's our most accurate measure of courage." 

Brené Brown



Melissa's Story:


I love the work that I get to do!  I have the privilege of walking along side some of the most courageous people and being a witness to their healing journey! 


I am a big believer in therapy. What I have learned in my life is that we could all use some therapy from time to time. I have witnessed the benefits of therapy over the course of my life and know how impactful this work can be.  I think there are times when we could all use a safe place to process our experiences, life events or issues that aren’t working in our lives or are causing us pain.  Therapy can be the place to begin facilitating changes to support our life goals.


I found my passion for this work and earned a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from Friends University, and Bachelor of Arts degree from C.B.C. I work diligently to develop a therapeutic environment that promotes safety, security, and healing.

Psychologist Session


Individuals Couples  Families


Often, all it takes are a few healthy shifts and a little courage to open up a deep well of healing. Congratulations on taking this first steps toward healing

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