Therapy Sessions


Often, all it takes are a few healthy shifts and a little courage to open up a deep well of healing. Melissa's approach to healing addresses several issues including anxiety, attachment, caregiver support, couple and marital issues, depression, grief and loss, lifecycle transitions, parenting, premarital counseling, relationships, and trauma.

Presentations and Coaching

Melissa offers presentations and group experiences using the curriculum of Brené Brown, which can be helpful in assisting people to become aware of their shame and fear stories, acknowledge those feelings, become curious about the origins of their stories, and work toward creating a different path for their journey. Melissa also offers presentations, workshops, and groups based on Dr. Sherod Miller’s the Four Styles of Communication which helps foster relationships where we feel heard and understood.  Another helpful resource in work, small groups, or within families is the Enneagram.  There are 9 different personality types within the Enneagram. Learning about the Enneagram helps us to better understand our own personality and others in our lives. If you are interested in learning more, please click below.

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