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Individual Therapy

"Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional." 

Ancient wisdom


Life can throw us curve balls from time to time. We lose a career when our long-time employer downsizes. We lose someone special in our lives to divorce or death or any number of tragedies. Unexpected events can leave us feeling scared and unsure of our next steps.  Other times we carry negative feelings around with us our entire lives. We may feel as if we’ve never belonged, been loved, or felt worthy of someone else’s time or attention. We may feel invisible or unimportant in our family, jobs, or relationships.  Not knowing what to do with these emotions, we may try to contain them or they may end up coming out in the form of anger with the very people we love the most.


Feelings are a natural part of life.   In fact, emotions are biological necessities. However, not knowing how to deal with these emotions can impact how we show up in our lives.  We may find ourselves stuck doing the same thing over and over, or experiencing the same overwhelming emotions or recurring painful and familiar relationships with others.



One of the most important healing opportunities we have is to share our stories, and have someone truly hear us with compassion and care. We deserve to be heard, to have our feelings known. These feelings are really important; they’re guideposts telling us what we need. Once we truly understand what these guideposts are telling us, we are in a better position to ask for what we need and to be open to receiving these needs from others.


My aim is to provide a safe, confidential, and trusting space for you to tell your story. I want you to feel free to share what is in your heart and mind so that we might begin to understand what your body and emotions are telling you. Put simply, I want to help you get “unstuck” from whatever holds you back from feeling free and being truly you. You may be surprised by how quickly you start to see changes in your life. The road to freedom does not have to be a complicated one. I look forward to having the opportunity to help you get there.

Image by Anh Nguyen

The good news is: we don’t have to stay stuck,

and we don’t have to do this work alone!

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