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"Year of Yes"

At first I was skeptical of this this book, I mean, who says “yes” to everything? I decided that saying yes to everything was a very unhealthy concept and made a judgment about this little book before I even cracked the cover. As I began reading, though, I realized it was not about saying “yes” to everything; it was saying “yes” to living fully, not allowing fear to dictate how one lives their life. As I continued reading, I started paying attention to how I answered invitations and questions which made me uncomfortable or flat out scared. What I uncovered was that I mostly said “no”. Ugh, this is not how I want to live my life by letting the fears of being judged, not fitting in, not knowing anyone, being rejected, not belonging determine what experiences I have in my lifetime. So now, before responding no to things, I pause and become curious about what is best for me, and you know what? I am saying “YES” a lot more now.

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