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Parenting…possibly the most challenging job on the planet. We nurture and grow these small, completely dependent creatures into functional and independent humans. If we do our jobs well, our children leave us and create their own lives. As parents, we invest in our kids by protecting (keeping them safe), teaching and loving them. At what point do we begin to step back and allow our kids to travel their own paths? My daughter recently told me that she is no longer a kid and that, while she doesn’t want to hurt me, she would like less teaching and more listening. This took my breath away for a minute. Then I realized, I was still trying to protect her which she didn’t need. It was time for me to let go and trust that everything she needs already dwells within her. I know there will be times of disappointment, failure and success in store for her and it is not my job to protect her from what may or may not happen. My job is and continues to be helping her RISE. Life is full of obstacles and challenges, and if I spend all my time preventing her from experiencing those when she was younger, she would not have the skills she needed when she was out on her own. I certainly do not profess to have all the answers. Parenting is hard and messy and constantly changing. I am frequently asking my kids for do-overs, but I do know that when I let go of my desire to control, we are all better for it. They are learning and so am I.

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